iOS and Android platform for conference, exhibition, festival and business meeting app development.
How does this app help
the event participant
How does this app help the event participant
Smart schedule
The app displays which speech and in which room it is currently being presented along with the time left until break. By adding events to "Favorites" the participant can plan out their own event schedule.
How does this app help the event participant
By means of help sections and the city map the guests are informed how to reach the event, where to stay and what restaurants to visit. The map of the location allows the participant to quickly find the required stand or hall.
How does this app help the event participant
During the event the participants can evaluate reports and participate in polls prepared by the hosts. The guests can also upload photos in the news feed, leave comments and ask the speaker questions.
How does this app help the event participant
The list of participants with their contact and activity info allows the guests to make acquaintances and stay in touch after the event.
How does this app help
the event organizers

How does this app help the event organizers
Instant briefing
Push-notifications allow you to immediately message about the changes in the schedule, reports being started and other important news.
How does this app help the event organizers
The guests can vote for the speeches and participate in polls and the host can learn which speakers and topics deserve the most attention.
How does this app help the event organizers
The opportunity for advertisement becomes an additional asset in your sponsorship package.
How does this app help the event organizers
Innovative positioning
44% of attendees use mobile event apps. That number is expected to grow to 56% next year (source).
So you will project a progressive image.
What does the app consist of

News feed with like and comment system

Speech schedule with parallel section display

"Favorites" for creating a custom schedule

Speakers and visitors list with contact and occupation info

Polls and voting section

Participant profile

Info and advertisement pages

Event map

All the data is uploaded into the app via a convenient admin panel and is displayed instantly without refreshing the app in the store.
Our clients
MoCO Forum
The pilot app on the Confa platform developed for a mobile technology conference. A smart schedule displays two streams of speeches with the feature of adding the most interesting speeches to "Favorites". Push-messages remind of speeches that are about to start and invite to coffee-break. The news uploaded from the official conference Twitter feed.
The Government of the Omsk region
The app for the "Towards An Electronic State" international congress. The schedule now allows up to 12 simultaneous streams. The speeches that overlap in time in "Favorites" are now highlighted in red. A city map and a trusted hotel and taxi service list are included
PepsiCo Rus
An app for a corporate conference. The main screen is now a news feed with messaging, likes and a photo upload feature. Gamification has been done to encourage participant activity: every action in the app is rewarded with points. Poll functionality is fully developed. App distribution without store publishing is arranged.

Condé Nast Russia
New design, a new admin panel and a multitude of internal code enhancements. New standard features include registration, authorization, participant profile and a detailed directions map. Registered users have access to the entire participant list with their contacts and occupations. The poll section allows to rate speeches according to a 5 point scale.
Basic package
Two apps for iOS and Android in the signature style of your event with the standard feature set

Uploading the apps to the App Store and Google Play under Confa account or arranging for app installation without using stores on private events

Support before, during and after the event – a manager will be provided to help schedule changes, push-messaging, maintaining news feed and creating polls.

Please contact us to get the price.
Advertisement package
Logo on the startup screen or in the main menu

Primary sponsor tab

Color or border highlighting for a specified speech

Push-message advertisement

Special offer distribution before and after the event

Sponsor-provided polls

The ability to publish the app under your accounts in stores

Please contact us to get the price.
Extra features
You may ask for new unique features not present in the standard set to be included

Possible modification types:
Integration with the client's database

BLE (iBeacon) indoor navigation technology support

Private chatting between participants


Extended analytics
About the developer
The Confa platform has been created and is being upgraded by Live Typing, a professional mobile app and web service development company.

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